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Connecting Surgeons with Doctors to assist in Theatre

More than 1400 registered assistants on our platform

  • Established October 2022, launched January 2023

  • Assistants provided for 1300+ cases

  • Over R2,850,000 generated in income for assistants


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Are you a specialist surgeon who occasionally finds yourself in need of a GP or MO to assist you in the operating theater when your regular assistant is unavailable? Perhaps you require an assistant but hesitate to approach someone new due to uncertainty about their surgical capabilities.

As a GP or MO, you may have a keen interest in participating in surgical procedures, but the challenge lies in being asked to assist on a theater schedule.

That's where Surgical Assistant comes in. We offer a comprehensive platform where GPs/MOs can register their availability to provide assistance in the theater. Surgeons can then utilize our services to connect with vetted GPs/MOs who are ready to lend their support in the operating theater.

Surgical Assistant acts as a convenient one-stop solution for surgeons, ensuring they can find qualified theater assistants within a reasonable timeframe, regardless of the time of day.


We understand the importance of timely and reliable assistance in the surgical setting, and our platform is designed to meet those needs effectively.


Our Services


  • Top-notch Medical Officers (MOs), General Practitioners (GPs), and Specialists ready to provide theater assistance for your 0009 and 0008 needs.

  • Prompt availability of assistants.

  • Streamlined payment process to The Surgical Assistant Pty (LTD) for all registered assistants on our platform.

  • Efficient tracking and follow-up on invoices and payments.

Medical Officers /
General Practitioners

  • Offering a network of actively engaged Surgeons in search of assistants.

  • Tailored Payroll Solutions

  • Effortlessly managing all invoices, alleviating the need for personal follow-ups with individual surgeons regarding pending payments.

  • A 15% Finder's Commission is applied per case, contingent upon the billed procedure codes.

Why Register with us


Benefits of registering with us:

  • POPIA compliant: Your information is compliant, safe and will not be sold.

  • 24/7 on call availability: Get access to an assistant when you need it.

  • Less paperwork: Single payment solution to The Surgical Assistant PTY (LTD) rather than individual payments to each assistant.

  • Payroll customisation: Payroll with no PAYE bracket for Assistants to do their own Tax Planning and deductions.

  • Regular assistance opportunities in your field of interest.

Contact us

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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